How to maintain your faith when you have suffered a job loss?

A lot of people ask me how I maintained having faith while being unemployed for 3/4 years ( I can’t remember) without no income in my bank account, to be honest with you it wasn’t easy. The first job I ever had wasn’t a high top office job, age 15 I started working in a meat shop just to have an income in my account, I did this till I was 19 years old after that I worked for my college but it wasn’t a daily route job, it was a 0 hours contract which they call you whenever they need you and I was looking new jobs but other companies wouldn’t hire me because of my experience, I remember my sister always helping me with my CV but still nothing, No interview stage just rejection upon rejections until August 2012 my first job ever was in retail, but it was too far from me and requires a lot of late shifts. I hated it so much that I started looking for a new job closer to my hours luckily I found one, it wasn’t bad because I could save money on travel. 2013 I got in by my manager & told me they had to let me go, I was a bit upset, but at the same time I was happy I got the experience, and I could get any job I want, but it wasn’t easy. I looked for new jobs for months and still nothing, I had a couple of interviews, but they always tell me “YOU DID GREAT, BUT UNFORTUNATELY WE WENT FOR A DIFFERENT CANDIDATE” I’m like if I did great you would hire me *Roll my eyes*. I kept applying and applying even McDonald’s rejected me I’m like “Are you mad” you should be happy to take me on board you know. This were the days when I wasn’t focusing on God promises over my life, I had no idea what my calling was and dropped out of university to jump on the cooperate ladder. When I got saved, I thought yes finally God will bless me with the job I want, and I have money to go out, but it was still the same thing months after months, I remember getting mad at God and giving up my faith in him, but God kept pulling me back.

I decided to volunteer in my church media team to add something on my CV & also worked as a runner for a TV Station with a low income I was getting thinking I will get a job soon but still nothing. I remember when they terminated my freelance contract for no reason at all, I was back to square one and was depressed about life. Every day when I wake up It was “How am I going to survive” and anytime my friends ask me to let go out, I was too ashamed to say I was broke because they might look down on me and call me a loser instead I pretended I was busy at work and didn’t have the time. After going back to university to complete my degree, I said God “Just guide me to the job that won’t be a distraction towards my education” but still nothing. I applied for so many internships & junior roles with companies, but no one will still hire me, I kept on growing in frustration with God and kept praying and believing him that he will do it. Months and years passed still no job or income, I kept borrowing money from my sisters, but it became too embarrassing asking them again & again because I believe a man should be a solid provided. 2016 I had a call for a temp job, but I knew in my heart God told me not to take that job, but I didn’t listen to all in the name of I need money & I didn’t want my sisters getting pissed off at me sitting home doing nothing. Every time I went to work, I’m always feeling unhappy & the managers will treat us like crap all the time. December period came God was telling me to leave but I was like NO WAY before I know it my contract was Terminated, I was like “yup God I get the message loud and clear” 2017 I had high hopes that God had a better job for me out there and Even went on a 21 days fast in January just to get an answer by the last day of the fast, I had faith because of the prophesy my pastors and my friend pastor declared but nothing came to pass for me. Every Sunday when I listen to other people testimony on how God blessed them with a good paying job, I will always ask God “When is it going to be my turn” after that, I went back to bring negative about life & didn’t want to hear God name in my presence. God, you know the promises you made and if you can provide me with a job what do you want me to do?

My faith was Up & Down, but in my heart, I knew not to give up even though the struggle was getting real every day. Every morning I would listen to sermons & believe God he was going to do it but not know God was preparing me for my calling before he sends me out there into the world. Fast forward to October 2017, I applied for a project manager job, but I didn’t get the role instead the hiring manager sent me another job role, I didn’t care about the position and salary I just posted my CV to the manager. The next day she called me for an interview, I revised about the position on my way to the meeting when I got their 30 minutes early me and her bonded over the same TV show, when the other manager came in she was asking me a lot of intense question which I had no idea about, but I used my customer service and volunteer experience to answer the question. After that, she offered me the job on the spot and told me she starts in 2 weeks time.

Sometimes it’s not easy to maintain our faith because we think God isn’t listening to us but at the same time, we never know what he is preparing us for in life. It’s easy for people to say pray but not see what God is doing, it’s easy for people to say you are being negative but don’t understand your struggles and frustration you are feeling. I can sit here and tell you don’t give up on God, but at the same time I can’t tell you what God is doing or preparing you for, All I can say you is that trust in him even though it might be hard and frustration that our timing isn’t his timing and it would be good to start getting closer to God in that season to find your identity in Christ. I remember watching my favourite movie “Pursuit of Happiness” I saw how this guy suffered financially and was struggling to provide for his family, when he applied for w stockbroker job his wife was thinking you must be mad but he didn’t let her words stop him from applying, he kept waiting outside to speak to one of the executives to give him a chance, and after that the rest was history. Imagine you doing an unpaid internship while you are homeless with your son & no one knows what you are going through at work, I saw how this guy kept working hard and pushing to get this stockbroker Job after the sixth month came he thought “THIS WILL BE MY LAST DAY AT THIS INTERN” but the executives surprised him by telling him he can work as a full-time broker with pay. Imagine from being homeless to being one of the successful stockbrokers in Wall Street and becoming a multimillionaire; sometimes I feel like we don’t realise our full potential and having a job loss might be God way of saying “I’m going to promote you like never before” just hold on to my promise. Sometimes we want to give up because of the struggling and thinking he’s not answering us, have you ever wondered when you are about to give up that’s when God shows up. Imagine Chris Gardner gave up in the 4th month of his intern or even weeks, do you think he would get his breakthrough? Sometimes we need to keep pushing until our prayers are answered and trust that he is taking us to higher places in life and that the people that slept on you and gave on you when you needed them the most will want to be your friend when God promotes you.

In conclusion, focus on God and his promises. It might be hard, and you want to give up but don’t lose your faith in him, trust me years I almost lost faith in him, but I kept on pushing and doing volunteer work until I get my breakthrough and me grateful that all those years God was guiding me into greater things and people in life who will equip me to be the man I am today, God isn’t done with you and hasn’t forgotten about you.