SELF-IMAGE (How you see yourself Vs How God sees You?)

Self-image is something I never cared about because as a man I was insecure how I looked growing up, I hate everything about myself from my body to my lips and face. I grew up having this mindset of not being good-looking enough for women to approach me due to past bullying growing up that made me lose confidence in myself.

Self-image as a man, Society view of men he has to have six packs with the nice hairline, beards, dress well and can carry out a conversation without being nervous or stuttering every single word when he speaks. The biggest one that made me lost my confidence more was losing my hair during my mental health, I hated myself and how I looked that I didn’t want to take pictures and viewed myself has ugly. When I decided to shave it off, when people saw it some like me being bald but some the guys were laughing which made me feel some kind of way about my self-image and I didn’t like the way I looked. My body was one of the issues I had a problem with because I never seem to gain weight and never changed because I have always been skinny since the young days, I wasn’t really a big fan of eating. I would go days without food and when I eat I don’t eat healthy food, I was destroying my body with sugar and fizzy drinks. When people made fun of how I looked body wise, I always wear long selves or a cardigan to cover my arms because I didn’t like how skinny they were even during the summer as always been long selves. I have tried going to the gym but quit halfway due to people telling me I have to gain weight in order for me to start the gym, skinny guys like me can’t bulk up. I stopped and went back to eating unhealthy food, Redbull and biscuit In the morning, afternoon and evening.

At times, Self-image means nothing to us as men because we weren’t taught that. Sometimes when I see guys with pot bellies & see how much confidence they have in themselves even though people laugh at them, few years down the line I realise why do I care what people say about me because they don’t see me the way God sees me & God is the created of self-image because he knew what he was doing when he created me in his image, When people see me as being skinny with no hairline, God sees me as a strong, confidence and handsome guy. Self imagine doesn’t define how you look on the outside, self-image is about what you carry on the inside. Self-image is how your character is for example if you are a loving person that as a beautiful heart that what makes you beautiful and attractive in what men and women see, at times looks isn’t everything with a good character.

The question is “How do you see yourself”, Moreover have you stop to ask yourself this, “How does God see me”… We worry about what other people think about our looks and dust how God sees us under the rug. One thing I have learnt in looking after yourself is Focusing on how God sees you and what you carry on the inside, one of the books I finished reading “WHOLENESS: WINNING IN LIFE ON THE INSIDE OUT” although the book talks about seeking your purpose but one the important thing the book talked about is working on your inside look then outside look for example working on your insecurities, character and putting your pride asides in order for you to look attractive on the outside. Inner looks work way better than outside, it only thing attractive about you is your character not how your body looks or how people want you to look. When God was looking for the anointed one, he wasn’t looking for tall, dark and handsome or Hench like Idris Elba, he was looking for someone after his heart like David. David was just a short and still a boy when God chose him to kill Goliath, Everyone was looking at him like “What Kind of Joke is this” and Goliath properly looking at him like “IS THIS YOUR ANOINTED ONE” *killmonger voice* but David didn’t care what people were saying about him because he knew the strength he carried on the inside, Cut the long story short David Killed Goliath with a stone and became one of the strongest and handsome warriors. Like I said before once you know what you carry on the inside, You won’t worry about people opinion and what they see you as affect what God has in store and the power/impact you carry.

Focus on how God sees you and block out every word that makes you feel you aren’t good looking enough or attractive enough, Don’t let people opinion destroy what God has placed inside of you.!



In my 5 years of Christian journey, I had this mindset of getting what I want by praying and whatever I pray for what I want I shall receive which isn’t the case in our work with God. All the time, I have seen the people treat God like a genie without actually having a relationship with him and forgetting about him when they receive what they want.

A year later when my prayer life started developing, I had this other mindset that if I pray for 1 hrs or a certain about time I will get what I want or the process will be quicker which again its a false message preached by religious people. During my Christian journey, one thing I realise about prayer is that it helps prepare you for your breakthrough and see what God is teaching you during your season of struggle, pain and waiting for your vision to manifest. Reading my bible and realising that when these people in the bible prayed about their breakthrough, God didn’t immediately give it to them he prepared them for it and build their character inside of them but how they held on to God promises in mist of their struggles, betrayal and lost is that they had a solid relationship with God and made themselves/position their mind to receive instruction of him. When God gives us a prophecy, we are so quick to do things our way because he’s taking so long to give us what he promised us he was going to do in the first place. We become so impatience that can make us lose track and do things our way which it doesn’t work and things go wrong, we saw this example in the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah. When God told Abraham he was going to have a child at a Very old Age, the promise was taking so long for both Sarah and Abraham that Sarah convince him to sleep with the maid Hagar and few months down the line Hagar pregnant and gave birth to Ishmael which wasn’t part of God plan over Sarah & Abraham life but didn’t stop God promise for them instead God still carried on with his promise, one thing my friend always tells me is that when God prophecies over your life, his prophecy doesn’t get returned in Void. Even in the story of Joseph, When God showed him who he was going to be but had to go through major challenges by his brothers selling him into slavery to becoming a servant/household superintendent to being thrown into prison for some many years after being accused by Potiphar’s wife for rape to becoming an overseer for pharaoh. it’s weird how Joseph went through all of this but still manage to receive favour from God.

You can pray for 1/2hours or fast for 21 days, it doesn’t speed up the time/God promises over you. the reason why I said your prayer isn’t enough is that we as Christians don’t position our mind or listen to God instruction to prepare us for our calling and breakthrough rather we want to do things our war that isn’t aligned with God promises over life. You can pray for hours and still miss without hearing instruction and see what God is teaching us during a season. Before i used thing before its because I’m not praying enough or reading my bible enough that I didn’t get the opportunities I want but as I started to have a deep relationship with God, I realised that prayer only helps build our character and prepares us for the battle ahead that we would know what to do when trials and tribulation arises.

If you are going through struggles or frustrated that your prayer isn’t getting answered, Go back to GOD and ask what he is preparing and teaching you, Pray that God orders your steps towards your destiny that will equip you for the vision he gave you. Don’t allow people make you feel like its your lack of prayer that you aren’t getting what you want, if you read the story of Job and understand Job level of faith when it came to pain and struggle even though he had people like his wife telling him to “Curse God” and his friends telling him “God is punishing you for something you did”. Be careful what circle you attract when you are going through a major transformation like Job, even though Job friends meant no harm for him but their approach about his pain was wrong.

“In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was a prayer. Sometimes my prayer was ‘Help me.’ Sometimes a prayer was ‘Thank you.’ What I’ve discovered is that intimate connection and communication with my creator will always get me through because I know my support, my help, is just a prayer away- Yanla Vanzant”


2018 has come to an end, this year I trusted God with a lot of things and I thought this year will be the year my struggles will end but not knowing it was the beginning of storms and challenges to come. Last night, I was reflecting on a lot of things God has done in my life and the mantle he has placed in my life. This year I lost my way and my identity by letting the wrong people in, I was too distracted thinking about what people will think about me and not focusing about what assignment God has given me to do this year. This year I had to become a leader by helping other people and leading teams, I became a director for my friend origination and I had no clue how to direct anybody or even an origination, I almost gave it up because the demand was too much but my friend stopped me from doing that instead, she encouraged me to keep going. The funny thing about giving up is you never know when you might need that skill or why God put us in a different situation in the first place, why he does that is to develop what he has placed in us. Leadership is about looking for a new strategy and building your team plus leading them into the right path, I learnt how to discipline myself and learn how to control my emotions. I remember watching black panther this year and saw how T’challa had to take up his father mantle but was faced with difficult challenges and he had to do things differently by not copying his father strategy. Kings fall only for them to become stronger than they were before, the task can be and will be difficult but it’s all about the attitude you have and your mindset on how you approach things and the people around you. This year might be the year things didn’t go your way or you struggled a lot in every area, the struggle wasn’t to bring you down it was develop something inside of you. As much as we complain how life isn’t fair and it feels like we are doing the same thing over & over again, you need to ask yourself “WHAT AM I DOING TO CHANGE THIS MINDSET” “HAVE I FOUND MY IDENTITY AND PURPOSE IN GOD THIS SEASON”, sometimes we are used to complaining to people about how life is and depending on people advice but we don’t take the time to seek God for answers & what he is teaching you about the season of wait, doubts & delay. We take our relationship with God for granted that we forget that he gives us wisdom and knowledge also provide us solution to that problem we are facing, Like a king and queen you need to look for a new solution and that’s why Apple is a trillion-dollar company till this day because they are always coming up with new ideas to gain more customers and look for a new strategy on how they advance their company into new levels.

As a leader/King, your mindset has to be different from you other fellow brothers. You need to watch who you allow in your circle, protect your energy at all cost. I stand here to tell you that I’m becoming what God has a called me to be and I had to go through heartbreak, character develop, losing my job and friends around me and struggle to get to where I am right, the struggle wasn’t in vain it was to help me develop my character and part of the process in becoming the King in me. A king that will lead his people to the right path and teach them the way of the righteous. God doesn’t call the qualify but he qualifies the call, stop worrying about if you aren’t good enough for him to use you, he will prepare you for it. David wasn’t born into royalty but God put him in difficult situation for him to become a king, Joseph came from nothing and he went through major struggles by being a slave but he was in charge of someone else house but ended up in prison for some many years which lead him into meeting pharaoh and he became a king, God was preparing and directing him into that path for him to BECOME!

You are what GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE! The storm, trials and tribulations aren’t to make you feel low but it’s to develop you into what he has called you to be. Sit down and ask your what lessons or what has God taught me this year for him to prepare me for my blessing and calling he has for me! God bless you




2018 has been one rollercoaster year, after battling with one issue to another, God came through for me. After having a good job that pays me well, I got made redundant for stupid reasons. Over months after months I kept on getting rejected by companies, I was frustrated with God & myself because how can you take me away from a job that pays well & the frustrating thing is that I planned my 2018 well plus what I was going to invest my money in, for example, driving lessons, personal development training & home investment, all that changed when it got stripped away from me.

Grew out of frustration & angry with God, I started second guessing myself/identity in Christ that I didn’t care about what I was called to do anymore. I fell into depression & was vulnerable which led me into letting the wrong people in my life, God was still with me but I didn’t want to hear it & I had to put on a fake face to hide the pain I was going through and pretend to people everything was okay. My birthday wasn’t that great because I was ungrateful focusing on the things I didn’t achieve this year & didn’t feel like celebrating it. God was still with me in the midst of being ungrateful, and he gave me that unconditional love when I was vulnerable, kept my distance away from my family which broke their hearts because i didn’t want them seeing me weak.

My sisters had to convince me to seek counselling regarding my mental health, in the midst of shutting them out they never gave up on me. My perfectionist attitude affected me a lot & lost my way with my identity, I fell back into sin & doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. I left the room open for the enemy to torment me & people to make me feel like I wasn’t worth more, after battling with all that I decided to see counselling & opened up about a lot of pains/hurt I didn’t fully recover from growing up.

I started reconnecting back with God, getting my Spiritual life & psychical strength back. Sometimes when you are on the road to seeking your identity & digging into information via the word of God, the enemy does everything in his power to bring you down with distraction, fear and anxiety. I was lost, and now I’m found, I overcame the devices of the enemy & what he meant for bad with destruction, God said it for good to develop the strength in me. I’m a king in God image & no matter what sin, doubts & fear the enemy place in me will not Make lose my identity. I don’t know about you but 2018 was meant to be the year God shows you about who you indeed are, make you lose a lot of friends who’s intention wasn’t right for you or who were even plotting on your downfall, God had probably show you that for he has in store for you in 2019.

In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord; my hand was stretched out in the night without ceasing; my soul refused to be comforted (Psalm 77:2), God wants us to come to him when we are in trouble, he always have a way of getting us on our knees when we are in trouble, The only way you can overcome your fear & when you are Spiritual dry is by going to him, I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears (Psalm 34:4).. O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water (Psalm 63:1). Continuously seeking him every day no matter what obstacles you are going through & let your heart be thankful no matter what situation you are in, I find it easier/hard to comfort the enemy rather than run away from him. You are a overcomer, Whatever test, trial, or temptation you are facing today, it is “common to man.” That means that you are not the only one who has gone through whatever you are facing. It is comforting to know that others had encountered similar problems before us and made it through! God makes a way of escape with the trial or temptation. That means you’re not stuck! Before your difficulty ever arose, God designed a way to escape. And that means of escape comes with the problem. So if you find yourself embroiled in trials, tests, or temptations today, start looking for God’s way of escape it exists. Trust Him to guide you safely through and out of your difficulties.

Thank God for healing & restoration. Thank God for identity, Thank God for unconditional love. Thank God for redirection & Thank you God for the Holy Spirit that remains in US.


Dear God,

We have doubts about who we are. We fail a lot in life that always makes us realise if we are worth fulfilling a purpose. We have lost our way first half of this year that we don’t have a connection with you anymore. It affected our Spiritual and physical life. We are tired of have battled with our mind, and we are scared to open up about what we are struggling with because people always find a reason to judge us and talk about us behind our backs, they use our pain against us.

Lord, Teach us how to love again. Teach us to forgive our enemy who has offended us and the strength to deal with conflict with each other, let us not use foolish words to bring each other down. Teach us how to use wisdom to build our brother and sister in Christ up when they are going through a rough time in their spiritual journey in life. Forgive those people who talk about us behind our backs about our struggles because they don’t know how to confront us with love or have no idea that’s it a short season we are going that is pushing us towards our future glory. Let your power fall upon us and heal our mind against the spirit of the enemy, don’t let us lose our minds for the rest of the year. Teach us to love the enemies that will not allow us to take revenge onto our hands, open our eyes to understanding in everything we do in Jesus name.


When we get attacked by the enemy or life isn’t going the way we plan, we intend to ask God “WHY ME”.! Why am I getting attacked a lot? Why doesn’t everyone love me? Why do I have to go through this struggles?.

When you are destined for more excellent, the enemy will do anything and everything in his power to frustrate you that you will lose your mind. At times God wants to transform us into first generation blessings, but the devil will try everything in his power to stop that from happening. But God “Why am I going through this and people around me have it easy”? Because you are unique in God’s eyes, God has called you to be a generational blessing. He has called you to be kingdom builder, wealth provider and dream chasers. To be honest, sometimes it’s not always the enemy that attacks you, God lets us go through this struggles to shape our character because if we were to receive our breakthrough and wealth right now we would lose our mind and it would be too much for us to handle. God will take us through the storm and scars for us to be strong, God training can seem like he punishing you from your past sin but his practice his forming us into kings and warriors that we have to go through struggles, sacrifice and brokeness.

The hardship I faced growing up made me the question “Who am I”, “Lord WHY ME?” But not knowing God was transforming me into the man he wants me to be, A man who can handle challenges when it comes or moreover what would I act when trials come my way, am I going to ask for wisdom on how to deal with this challenges or just get frustrated with him, At times God might be guiding me to the destiny helpers that can take us to certain levels we need to get to.

Sometimes instead of crying to God “WHY ME” I always forget to ask God “What are you teaching me here” and I feel like that’s what we fail to do as Christians but we get frustrated with God and people around us that are trying to help us while the enemy is enjoying and laughing at you for pushing your helpers away so he can mess with your destiny. A period of the season, my prayer life was down, and I left the room for the enemy to mess with me Spiritually and physically that I didn’t even have the strength to do anything at all, I lashed out at the wrong people rather than take my anger to the enemy with prayers of war. The only way we can fight fire with fire is with prayer and wisdom how to know the enemy devices and the tricks he uses.

I have been there asking God “WHY ME.”

* Why did I lose this job?
* Why did I have to go through that heartbreak?
* Why am I losing friends?
* Why am I the only one struggling and I feel attacked?

I have lost my faith with God so many times when things don’t go my way, I have seen darker days where I didn’t see the light in my future, but God still gives me the strength to keep going until I reach my breakthrough. God can’t come down to help us; he sends people to help us.

Ask God for wisdom about the problem, stop asking him “WHY ME”. Look for solutions because asking God “Why me” all the time can allow us to miss our breakthrough and it’s not worth waiting another season for your discovery to come. STAY ALERT!



Dear God,

Some people don’t know what to do anymore with their life; we have lost hope in your words and promises you have over our life’s. Lord you promised us a better life, you told us we would exceed in all areas of our lives, but at the moment why are, we are struggling to get specific opportunities and financially. It seems like everything that we touch fail in our hands, some are happy where they are, but there is this emptiness inside of them that is missing, they have the perfect job and house, but they are lonely most of the time.

Lord, do not let us fall under the mercy of the enemy. Give us the power to overcome the enemy mind games that are making us lose our mind.

Lord this year, you said our light would shine upon the men and women in this world. Lord you said, people will see our God works, Lord you said we would exceed abundantly but why does it seem like the battle we are facing it’s forever. Don’t let us fall into the trap of the enemy. We have had enough of the devil trying to take over our life’s and attacking us financially, Spiritually and psychically. Lord send your angels to fight our battle for us, give us the strength to keep going when we about to give up. Give us the wisdom to prepare for what’s heading of us in our lives, fill us up with the Holy Spirit and kill every flesh that overcoming over prayer life and time away from you.


Lord, Renew our mind don’t allow us to lose over the frustration of the enemy. Father Lord, we come to you again this morning that the rest of the year Good news will come our way in Jesus name. You are the only one that we can confide in, and no other man can understand our pain we are feeling in this world, our struggles and loneliness that temporary desires cannot fill us up. You are our comforter & miracle-working God, and you are the way marker.

Lord, we come to you this morning do a miracle in our life this year. An unbelievable miracle that no one will understand, Surprise us with the fitfulness of the Holy Spirit. Order our steps to the right destiny helpers, Remove every monitoring spirit and prince of Persia that is blocking every area of our life’s in Jesus name. Don’t let us miss our breakthrough; We come against ever spiritual attack over the life our family and partners in Jesus name. Thank you answers prayer, Thank you for keeping us alive, Thank you for the gift of life and mercy over us, Thank you Lord that you have Made way for us and order our steps to the right path in Jesus name we have prayed.


Why is Hard for Christians to Survive Hollywood/Entertainment industry

Everyone has a creative gift, for example, some are very talented at singing, acting, dancing, directing, producing music and movies but it’s hard to get our significant breakthrough because certain executives require us to sacrifice something for us to be successful in the industry. Growing up we were told being a Christian is hard in Hollywood because we are a threat to the either world and if Christians were to take over Hollywood “It’s WRAP FOR EVERY IDOL WORSHIPPERS & FALSE GOD” so that’s why the enemy uses people to trick Christians into giving up their faith in order to get fame and success in return. God power doesn’t stop in Hollywood because we are a light in everywhere we go and I feel like God wants to use the media industry to preach to nations, but a lot of Christians that have gone to Hollywood have fallen under the devil finger thumps. Me and Best friend had a discussion over the weekend about famous people who claim to be Christians and started by preaching the gospel, but now they are fallen, Most of the strong ones are the ones that don’t really get enough roles within the media industry because of their faith or the ones that expose Hollywood are forced out of the industry or even blackball from getting work  anywhere.

Christians Call Hollywood the devils playground because of the cult that is going on in there and some are scared to go there because they don’t want comprise their faith which is understandable but I feel like we as Christians need to stand firm even if it means not that opportunity we want so much and our eyes need to be opened when specific opportunities come because the enemy can trick us into his thump and some don’t realize It until it’s too late. Some of the people who have given Up their faith to chase fame don’t go far in life, or they experience emptiness in their lives, for example, depression, unhappiness and suicide mind. Money and fame can not bring you happiness if God isn’t in it, it’s not like God doesn’t want you to work in the creative industry he wants you not to forget and one thing about God is that he doesn’t guide you into an opportunity that will distract us from our calling and most of these people in Hollywood have a calling on their life but they chose Hollywood cults and false God idols to get a specific movie roles and music deals.

I believe God is slowly taking away man who have to destroy people lives in the creative industry, we might think the enemy is winning but little do they know God will surprise them by taking over, God doesn’t announce he coming down or announces he sending someone, God strategy is one the best because sometimes you never see it coming and that’s why it’s essential to study the enemy weak point so when you step into a territory you can strike. When soldiers are going to war, they send spies to do surveillance in that territory to see where the enemy weak point is and what strategy they can use to bring the enemy territory down and that’s how God army works.

To conclude with this, God power doesn’t stop in Hollywood or any entertainment industry. There is nothing hard for God to do, We are light in everywhere we go. When I was listening to Devon Franklin Testimony and Preaching, he said when he told his friend God told him to go to Hollywood, his friends started saying “That’s the devil playground”, “You are going to lose yourself in Hollywood”. Sometimes we allow fear to stop us from doing works and people who couldn’t do or succeed in God word will tell how impossible is it for a Christian to make it anywhere in life. We as Christians have the power to take over any authority if we have the heart and the right mindset for it and also be spiritually lead to handling whatever the enemy throws at us and God doesn’t throw people into the thick ends if he knows we aren’t equipped enough to handle challenges that’s comes our way.

Letter To My Future Wife

The first day I met you, I never thought you would be the light of my world. You have brought me so much joy in my life, and I never thought I could be with a woman like because you are God-fearing and you have lifted me up with your wise words and saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself. I like how comfortable I am with you, and you allow me to express myself, when I laid my eyes on you I thought to myself “I DON’T DESERVE YOU” but God brought you to me and we connected so much that I said to myself I want to spend the rest of my life with you but I was scared that I pushed you away but you still stood by me when the time was right for me to open up to you about my past and you never once looked down on me or told me you couldn’t do this anymore but yet you told me “I was king” & there is more to me that meets the eye. Every King needs his queen, and God brought you into my life for his purpose, and I don’t want to lose you because you mean that much to me.


I am the man today because of you; you saw a man with a lot of potential and vision that God has placed inside of him. You stood by him when no one believed in him & when people said God couldn’t use a loser like him because of his current situation. Sometimes I can be annoying and stubborn which you probably want to rip my head off but you learnt how to be patient when it comes to me and my stubbornness I have a soft spot when it comes to you, I had the same soft place when we first met. We have had our ups and downs, but you have never brought me down with negative words, and we have always remained strong when it comes to the battle life throws at us. We keep reminding each other our we are both kings and queens also warriors in Christ because together we have the power to overcomes different situations. There are so many men out there that meets your needs, but you chose me and some many women I could go for, but I decided “YOU” because of how strong you are and how you have pushed me beyond my limits I could ever imagine, and I never thought I was capable of loving a woman like you because you are the exact definition of a proverbs/Godly woman.


I hope this finds you wherever you are and I hope one day we bump into each other at the right place at the right time.


Yours Truly,





Everyone needs a breakthrough in one area of their lives. Sometimes the world tells us we can’t dream or live up to our potential, so we settle for less in life just to pay our bills, have you ever had a dream moment in your office thinking “I’m more than this” or “I feel happy doing what I’m passionate about”. When I watched pursuit of happiness, I saw a suffering & homeless father getting the breakthrough he deserves after moving from motel to motel, sleeping in a homeless shelter & selling little gadgets while he was doing his unpaid internship just to put food on the table. We all need that “YES, GOD DID IT IN MY LIFE MOMENT” we want to feel the same joy Chris Gardner felt when the executives told him he could work full-time paid afterlife kept pushing him and saying there is no way a homeless guy like you can get this job, but he kept pushing back and living up to his real potential. I remember feeling this way when I had nothing to live for and didn’t have any money with my name on it in my bank account, I was too ashamed to ask for money & didn’t like my friends seeing me that way but in the days of my struggles taught only real friends won’t give up on you when you are going through battles in life and will try to push you to live up to your God calling potential.


God doesn’t want us to limit ourselves; he wants us to live up to our potential by coming to accept that we are more to life than just doing a 9-5 job and God has called us to fulfil our purpose in this life. Some of us God has given you an idea to do outside of work, along with that idea comes gift and talents, but we allow fear get the best of us that we don’t pursue that idea He has given us instead we bury that project and miss the breakthrough he has for us. Breakthrough doesn’t happen if you don’t put in the work and hard work isn’t something we pray away just when the going gets tough, hard work helps build our character and birth what we thought we couldn’t do before. Imagine if Chris Gardner gave up in the midst of doing his intern just because it was too hard balancing living from home to home & not having any income, do you think he would have gotten his breakthrough to become one of the multimillionaire investor and businessman within the stockbroker firm. Some of us want to give up because we feel like our breakthrough isn’t coming, and God doesn’t see the hardwork we are doing but he also saying it’s not our time to shine yet just “TRUST ME” all I can tell you is keep going & don’t ever let anyone say to you “YOU CANT DO IT” and if they say that to you don’t let that be you giving up point, let it be your motivation point to say to yourself “I CAN DO IT” no matter what people say and what life throws at me. When Chris Gardner told his wife he wanted to be a stock broker she laughed and said you might aswell be an astronaut but it didn’t stop him from applying, he didn’t stop him from waiting outside the office everyday after working to convince one the executive to see his application to give him a chance to prove himself, sometimes I feel like we just need to test ourselves beyond our limits and to be honest I check myself daily to see what I can do beyond my daily job & studies but sometimes I want to give up, and on the edge of giving up I just feel a lifting in my spirit to keep going, I feel like some of us just need a kick and someone to push us to keep going.


One thing I have discovered that in the midst of not getting our breakthrough early, God is teaching us how to be patient and giving us the tools he wants us to use and also character development that can help us in our mind and spirit for us to handle what he gives us. I’m a living example of how God broke my mind and body in order for me to build the courage inside of me to handle what life throws at me, sometimes I can be lazy and want to give up quickly but I always feel the need to rise to finish what I started because I don’t want to miss my breakthrough and to lose your breakthrough is like Google maps, if you miss your turn to take on the M1 or any motorway the map routes you to a different path but takes longer with additional time, and that’s how we feel when we miss our breakthrough.


When God gives you a deadline, Cut out distraction in your life because the thief will don’t want you to receive your breakthrough. Some people will always get in the way of your breakthrough just for you to stay in the same position you are in; I remember living with some random uncle last year when I was vulnerable. Him & his wife was trying to stop me from reaching my breakthrough, and sometimes I thank God I have the spirit of stubbornness to push back and keep living my Godly potential, they made it an idea to kick me out to see if I could beg not knowing they were doing me a favour by allowing me to receive my breakthrough that pissed them of even more. God separates us from certain people in our life because they are distractions and when people see what you carry inside of you they will always talk down on you and treat you anyhow just for you to give up or not live up to your potential. Some of us know what is distracting us from achieving a lot of things, but we don’t want to cut it down. When God gave me an idea to do a sermon series (Which is still in a working development), the enemy did his best to try and distract me from achieving it.

What are the deadlines God wants you to meet?


What is causing you not to reach that deadline?

What are doing about it?


Don’t miss your breakthrough being distracted by the enemy or people around you that don’t want to see you achieve something in life.