Hi, I’m Oluwatobiloba Oduwole but I go by the name “Tobi Kingsman Oduwole”. Im a Christian and grew up in Nigeria but moved to the U.K at age 10 after my dad died, Currently completing my BA Degree in Digital TV Production and working as a freelancer in the creative industry.


My Goal is to tell my Story and change the heart of men/women also with my creative background, i hope to change the life of the entertainment industry by creating resources to fund other people films and tv shows for talents out there that need to be birth. Growing up all i did was watch movies and tv shows hoping one day i will be part of the movie or create my own story, i dreamt about producing Marvel and DC Comics movies or become the first African director to create a good sci-fi movies for people to enjoy.

Im passionate about creating contents and entertainment also i love helping people which is part of my calling in life is to help others realise their gifts and talents. i will be looking to preach the gospel to others outside and inside the industry, “GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF MY STORY” .


If you would like an encouragement or anything else to talk or blog about, you can follow on twitter & instagram: @TOBITHEKINSMAN

Linkedin: Tobi Oduwole

Email: Oduwoletobi@gmail.com



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