In my 5 years of Christian journey, I had this mindset of getting what I want by praying and whatever I pray for what I want I shall receive which isn’t the case in our work with God. All the time, I have seen the people treat God like a genie without actually having a relationship with him and forgetting about him when they receive what they want.

A year later when my prayer life started developing, I had this other mindset that if I pray for 1 hrs or a certain about time I will get what I want or the process will be quicker which again its a false message preached by religious people. During my Christian journey, one thing I realise about prayer is that it helps prepare you for your breakthrough and see what God is teaching you during your season of struggle, pain and waiting for your vision to manifest. Reading my bible and realising that when these people in the bible prayed about their breakthrough, God didn’t immediately give it to them he prepared them for it and build their character inside of them but how they held on to God promises in mist of their struggles, betrayal and lost is that they had a solid relationship with God and made themselves/position their mind to receive instruction of him. When God gives us a prophecy, we are so quick to do things our way because he’s taking so long to give us what he promised us he was going to do in the first place. We become so impatience that can make us lose track and do things our way which it doesn’t work and things go wrong, we saw this example in the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah. When God told Abraham he was going to have a child at a Very old Age, the promise was taking so long for both Sarah and Abraham that Sarah convince him to sleep with the maid Hagar and few months down the line Hagar pregnant and gave birth to Ishmael which wasn’t part of God plan over Sarah & Abraham life but didn’t stop God promise for them instead God still carried on with his promise, one thing my friend always tells me is that when God prophecies over your life, his prophecy doesn’t get returned in Void. Even in the story of Joseph, When God showed him who he was going to be but had to go through major challenges by his brothers selling him into slavery to becoming a servant/household superintendent to being thrown into prison for some many years after being accused by Potiphar’s wife for rape to becoming an overseer for pharaoh. it’s weird how Joseph went through all of this but still manage to receive favour from God.

You can pray for 1/2hours or fast for 21 days, it doesn’t speed up the time/God promises over you. the reason why I said your prayer isn’t enough is that we as Christians don’t position our mind or listen to God instruction to prepare us for our calling and breakthrough rather we want to do things our war that isn’t aligned with God promises over life. You can pray for hours and still miss without hearing instruction and see what God is teaching us during a season. Before i used thing before its because I’m not praying enough or reading my bible enough that I didn’t get the opportunities I want but as I started to have a deep relationship with God, I realised that prayer only helps build our character and prepares us for the battle ahead that we would know what to do when trials and tribulation arises.

If you are going through struggles or frustrated that your prayer isn’t getting answered, Go back to GOD and ask what he is preparing and teaching you, Pray that God orders your steps towards your destiny that will equip you for the vision he gave you. Don’t allow people make you feel like its your lack of prayer that you aren’t getting what you want, if you read the story of Job and understand Job level of faith when it came to pain and struggle even though he had people like his wife telling him to “Curse God” and his friends telling him “God is punishing you for something you did”. Be careful what circle you attract when you are going through a major transformation like Job, even though Job friends meant no harm for him but their approach about his pain was wrong.

“In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was a prayer. Sometimes my prayer was ‘Help me.’ Sometimes a prayer was ‘Thank you.’ What I’ve discovered is that intimate connection and communication with my creator will always get me through because I know my support, my help, is just a prayer away- Yanla Vanzant”



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