2018 has come to an end, this year I trusted God with a lot of things and I thought this year will be the year my struggles will end but not knowing it was the beginning of storms and challenges to come. Last night, I was reflecting on a lot of things God has done in my life and the mantle he has placed in my life. This year I lost my way and my identity by letting the wrong people in, I was too distracted thinking about what people will think about me and not focusing about what assignment God has given me to do this year. This year I had to become a leader by helping other people and leading teams, I became a director for my friend origination and I had no clue how to direct anybody or even an origination, I almost gave it up because the demand was too much but my friend stopped me from doing that instead, she encouraged me to keep going. The funny thing about giving up is you never know when you might need that skill or why God put us in a different situation in the first place, why he does that is to develop what he has placed in us. Leadership is about looking for a new strategy and building your team plus leading them into the right path, I learnt how to discipline myself and learn how to control my emotions. I remember watching black panther this year and saw how T’challa had to take up his father mantle but was faced with difficult challenges and he had to do things differently by not copying his father strategy. Kings fall only for them to become stronger than they were before, the task can be and will be difficult but it’s all about the attitude you have and your mindset on how you approach things and the people around you. This year might be the year things didn’t go your way or you struggled a lot in every area, the struggle wasn’t to bring you down it was develop something inside of you. As much as we complain how life isn’t fair and it feels like we are doing the same thing over & over again, you need to ask yourself “WHAT AM I DOING TO CHANGE THIS MINDSET” “HAVE I FOUND MY IDENTITY AND PURPOSE IN GOD THIS SEASON”, sometimes we are used to complaining to people about how life is and depending on people advice but we don’t take the time to seek God for answers & what he is teaching you about the season of wait, doubts & delay. We take our relationship with God for granted that we forget that he gives us wisdom and knowledge also provide us solution to that problem we are facing, Like a king and queen you need to look for a new solution and that’s why Apple is a trillion-dollar company till this day because they are always coming up with new ideas to gain more customers and look for a new strategy on how they advance their company into new levels.

As a leader/King, your mindset has to be different from you other fellow brothers. You need to watch who you allow in your circle, protect your energy at all cost. I stand here to tell you that I’m becoming what God has a called me to be and I had to go through heartbreak, character develop, losing my job and friends around me and struggle to get to where I am right, the struggle wasn’t in vain it was to help me develop my character and part of the process in becoming the King in me. A king that will lead his people to the right path and teach them the way of the righteous. God doesn’t call the qualify but he qualifies the call, stop worrying about if you aren’t good enough for him to use you, he will prepare you for it. David wasn’t born into royalty but God put him in difficult situation for him to become a king, Joseph came from nothing and he went through major struggles by being a slave but he was in charge of someone else house but ended up in prison for some many years which lead him into meeting pharaoh and he became a king, God was preparing and directing him into that path for him to BECOME!

You are what GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE! The storm, trials and tribulations aren’t to make you feel low but it’s to develop you into what he has called you to be. Sit down and ask your what lessons or what has God taught me this year for him to prepare me for my blessing and calling he has for me! God bless you



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